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We, at ESCD, are passionate about cosmetic dentistry. We set the stage for our members to grow and learn from the best international experts in the field of aesthetic dentistry, providing high standards of education with world-class lecturers regularly presenting. Our meetings and workshops offer something for everyone with an interest in the dental cosmetic filed. Our local country study clubs throughout Europe hold affiliate membership and the ESCD provides a respected training pathway leading to academic qualifications.

ESCD Annual meetings are held once a year in order to provide the latest scientific information, to present different program, workshops, trade exhibitions and social events to the delegates. This is where the truly world-class nature of our members’ access to the best cosmetic dentistry is revealed.

ESCD Study Club network spans the globe! So far, the society has 22 study clubs in Europe and beyond! Here you will meet your coleagues and be able to learn more on variety range of topics, that are presented by Certified members of the Society as well as leading guest speakers. All ESCD members have free attendance to all ESCD Study Clubs from all over the world. As well all our members have discounted rate for the ESCD Annual Meetings!

Whether you are completely new to cosmetic dentistry or are already an experienced practitioner ESCD welcomes you warmly. We are open to students, professors and the scientific dental community as well as professionals. Visit our website or download our brochure to learn more about Society. Join the ESCD!

DR. Florin Lazarescu
ESCD President

Dear colleagues, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Greek Study Club of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry ESCD was founded in 2003 in Italy by a group of visionary dental professionals from all over Europe. They already served as fellows and board members in existing aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry organisations. ESCD founders were determined to set new goals for aesthetic dentistry by working with the honourable existing academies and societies to open new borders for mutual ideas. In February 2007, the IFED General Assembly accepted ESCD as its member.

Great success of the ESCD Annual Congresses in the latest years confirms that the Society is providing highly competitive scientific program and an outstanding educational path for its members and delegates. With legendary events and best-in-class scientific programmes new standards were set for education and clinical practice.

In 2013 the Society started activating the Country Study Clubs for each nation with an ESCD country chairperson. The local Study Clubs are intended to educate and enable members to share their professional experience. Additionally camaraderie is boosted and pride of belonging to ESCD is built. ESCD Study Clubs are active in more than 25 countries with at least one regular meeting per year, offering strong networking, mentoring and professional development support.

Today ESCD reflects impressive figures. In 15 years the Society has grown, boasting more than 500 members across the globe. ESCD is proud to have members in 34 countries. ESCD Study Clubs hold regular meetings and workshops in many countries, offering opportunities for growth and advancement for those hungry for new dental challenges.

ESCD invites dental professionals and technicians from all countries to become members of our association. All members receive special discount rates for ESCD Annual Meetings and free attendance to all ESCD study clubs worldwide.

I would like to warmly welcome colleagues and friends inGreece to be part of our greek ESCD Study Club, and enjoy the spirit and benefits of this Society!
with warm regards,

Kleanthis Manolakis, DDS, Dr. Med. Dent.
ESCD Country Chairperson Greece

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